Motorcycle Racing Club of WA 
Promoters of Modern Motorcycle Racing & RidedaysWA Courses in Western Australia

MCRCWA Club Membership is now on Ridernet.


1.      Copy and paste the link:

2.      If you already have a Ridernet ID – login as you normally would

3.      Go to Licence – on the top row

4.      Choose Club Memberships from the drop down menu

5.      Click Add a New Membership (green button at the bottom of screen)

6.      Select State Motorcycling WA

7.      Select a Club:  Motorcycle Racing Club of WA

8.      Select the membership you wish to purchase:

·        Associate Renewing Member  $60 – for Tuning day/ Rider Training day/ Crew / Officials

·        Associate NEW Member for 2020 $75 – for NEW Tuning day / Rider Training day / Crew / Officials

·        Full NEW Member for 2020 - $150 – Full Competition Member

·        Full Renewing Member $120 – Full Competition Member renewing from 2019 to 2020

·        Junior NEW Member for 2020 - $75 – Junior Competition Member

·        Junior Renewing Member $60 – Junior Competition Member renewing from 2019 to 2020

·        Social Member $30 – Social Member only no voting rights

9.      Click continue

10.   Check your details are correct – click continue

11.   Tick the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy – click continue

12.   Credit Card payments will show up on your card as Omni Sports Coffs Harbour – click I understand OK

13.   Payment – plus $1.92 Service Fee (which goes to MA) and Credit Card/Online Fee (1.24% of transaction price) goes to Omni Sports

14.   Pay by credit card or EFT

15.   If you do not have a Ridernet ID – go to right side of page – click Purchase a Club Membership

16.   Select State: Motorcycling WA

17.   Choose a Discipline: pick Road Race from the drop down menu

18.   Select Club: Motorcycle Racing Club of WA

19.   Select the Membership you wish to purchase

20.   Complete your profile details, name, address, date of birth, email etc.

21.   Click Register

22.   Then proceed as above.


Alternatively you can click the link below and download the 2020 Membership form return it to the club;



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For all issues on elligibility, rules, bike specifications etc