Motorcycle Racing Club of WA 
Promoters of Modern Motorcycle Racing & RidedaysWA Courses in Western Australia

Dear Members,

Firstly, thanks to those 140+ members that have continued to show support for our great club through these trying times. Your support is greatly appreciated.


 Exec Update:

Those of you that may not know will be excited to find out that Paul Hinds has accepted a position on the MWA board. That is important for our sport going forward. However, what this means is that Paul has had to step down from his club position as Vice President. Paul’s business knowledge and think pattern will be missed as part of the Exec team. But, by losing his knowledge on the Exec the club will gain by his presence on the MWA board. The lessor of two evils so to speak. By stepping down from the clubs Exec this will allow Paul to be able to cast a vote as an MWA Board member regarding any topics relating to our club and sport. I would like to thank Paul for his previous and his ongoing support of our club. 

Paul’s position of Vice President will remain vacant for the remainder of the year. Gino Coyle will be the sole Vice President for 2017.


Barbagallo Update:

I won’t sugar coat it. It is fair to say it would take a miracle for the MCRCWA to return to Barbagallo for racing in 2017.

What I can say is we should have more clarity in the coming 4-6 weeks as to our future at Barbagallo. The original Chris Hall report had multiple options for improving Barbagallo Raceway for motorcycle use. These options ranged from air fences to a whole new circuit and everything in between. DRS recognised they know little about our sport. And, as a result they have engaged Chris Hall to submit a more streamlined recommendation to allow motorcycle activity to return. This meeting is taking place with DSR, Chris Hall, WASCC, MWA & MA on the 25th May. The Barbagallo track layout as we know it will not be changing due to current CAMS licensing. As soon as we have something concrete I will submit another update.

RidedaysWA Update:

You may have seen on the website that we have secured 4 dates at the Collie Motorplex. These dates are 24th June, 10th September, 7th October and the 17th December. It is vitally important for the financial security of our club that we continue with RidedaysWA until a racing solution can be sought.

Club Update:

With no income, other than membership and the club bar on a Friday night the club’s finances are depleting. The Exec have looked at cutting costs and searching for ways to save money to minimise the impact of lost income for the Club. We did not want to lose Denise in the search for alternate work/income for her. So, we requested that MA subsidise Denise’s wage. This has been approved by MA and we are working on the paperwork for this to happen. This is not a long-term solution, just a bit of a get out of jail free card for the time being. This is a great win and means we do not lose Denise’s knowledge from our Club. MWA are also looking into some form of financial support for our Club. We are submitting the last two years’ financials to them to aid in their decision making. Again, once this is signed off on I will advise members. Michele has been working hard on a new website for the Club and has put in a tremendous amount of her own time and energy into this. Thanks Michele, you’re a legend.

New Track rumours:

There is a lot of talk out there about new tracks being built. The City of Wanneroo announced a 10-year plan for an expansion project of the Barbagallo Raceway region. They spoke about a separate road race circuit adjacent to the current Barbagallo Raceway. Now, before everyone gets overly excited by this it is important to note where it is currently sitting. It is an agreement on a “jointly funded study” between DSR and the City of Wanneroo to develop a master plan. Key words there are a ‘study’ to ‘develop’ a plan. This does not mean land is getting bulldozed next week and tarmac being laid the week after. I for one would love to see another road circuit built in WA. The diversity for our racers to develop their skills would be nothing short of awesome. I have been involved in our great club for the past 13 years. I have seen many plans come and go for additional circuits in WA. This one may have merit, but only time will tell.

Please continue to support our great club as we work on fundraising events for the remainder of the year.  The Bogan Bingo night was a great success which raised nearly $4K for our Club. It is your support that will see our club get through these tough times, for that I thank you.


Paul Castling,

MCRCWA President