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July 07, 2017

Motorcycling Australia (MA) is pleased to announce a new, streamlined process that will allow new and existing competition Officials to easily achieve Level 1 Operational Official accreditation, via the online Ridernet platform.

The revamped process will aim to create a user-friendly environment and an online training facility specifically for competition Officials. 

Attaining Level 1 Operational Official accreditation can be the entry point to becoming a Motorcycling Australia (MA) Official and a gateway to being involved in motorcycle competition together with like-minded people, the comradery of which is often reputed to be unparalleled.
MA's Training & Officials Coordinator, Peter Smith explained; "MA's new process will focus on online training through the Ridernet system, providing the knowledge required to act as an Official from the comfort of their own homes!" according to Smith. "Participants will be provided with background information and tests, which they will be required to pass. This process is primarily a safety induction based on the motorcycle sports environment. There are prompts throughout the training course advising how to upgrade and progress through further levels of competition Official accreditation.
"In the past 12 months, MA has worked to return Officials' licencing and accreditation to a standardised national format,” Smith stated. “This online course is the first step to achieving that goal. Anybody who wants to get involved in motorcycle sport by becoming an Official, can now achieve it online’." Smith finished.
Trainees will simply need to access the online course and successfully complete the accompanying questionnaire. Participants will be sent a certificate of completion, and can even keep their licence on their phone using the new MA App!
The new process will also create a database and information portal specifically for Officials via the Ridernet system. Officials can find out which type of motorcycling events are near them and when they are on, as well as having the ability to register for work at both local and international events.
In relation to the 2017 Australian Round of the MotoGP; this will be the last year that Officials can participate without being an accredited MA Official. Moving forward, MA’s long-term goal is that all volunteers for all major Australian events, for example the MotoGP, World Superbike Championship, Speedway GP and Australian Championship events, will all be licensed MA Officials.

To stay up to date with all Officials related news visit the Motorcycling Australia Officials Facebook Page , Motorcycling Australia Website, Motorcycling Australia Facebook Page and Ridernet website.

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