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G’day Members,

On behalf of myself and the Executive team we hope you all had a great festive season. But, not too great that you won’t fit in your leathers. After all, you will be needing them this year as we are going racing, YAY!!

So, make sure you get your Club membership and race licence squared away ASAP. For those of you that did not race in any other discipline please contact Rick Gill at MWA (9371 5333) to arrange a refund for your unused portion for 2017. You will still need to renew to race in 2018 though, so don’t get caught out.

Racing Update:

Yep, that’s right, we are holding a State Championship again in 2018 over 4 rounds A massive thank you to “Consent 2 Go” for once again being our naming rights sponsor, greatly appreciated and thanks for sticking by us.

Tuning is on Feb 10th & 11th so please book online. Or, if you have last minute plans I’m sure we can take cash on the day.

Round 1 is on Sunday 15th April, with tuning on the 14th so you can get your head into the right frame of mind for the weekend. We have a little break and then round 2 on 5th August, round 3 on 26th August and the final round being the 21st October.

All 4 rounds will be held at the Collie Motorplex. So, whose name is going to be etched into the History books as

Champion, and, new lap record holder of the new circuit… don’t let this opportunity pass you by. This is super exciting, and I can’t wait.

Dates available to us are limited, but there is opportunity to get some additional track time with both Trakdayz and HCMC. Supplementary Regulations will be available shortly.

Club Update:

With no racing in 2017 and very few RidedaysWA days the Club’s ability to sustain itself was challenged. The Exec team have been quite prudent and cut costs and expenditure where possible. This, coupled with financial support from MA has seen the Club get through 2017. And, with limited time at Collie in 2018 make no mistake about it, the tough time is not yet over. That said the Club is still strong and will continue to be. Thanks for your backing and support (and keeping the bar flowing, onya Pete).

The Executive team (especially Tim Simmons) has been working on bringing the Club Constitution up to date. A Special General Meeting will be called in a couple of months for its adoption. It’s still a work in progress so please bear with us.

The AGM will be held on 14th March at the Clubrooms in Wangara so please save the date. AGM Notices will be forwarded shortly. 2018 Membership is required to vote on the night, so please take the opportunity of the discount offer available for Memberships up until end of March (Full Member $180 and Associate Member just $50).

Barbagallo Update & Minister Meeting:

During the maintenance shut of Barbagallo Raceway in January the WASCC have moved the wall back at turn 6 (basin) and have placed an arrester bed outside of turn 5 (skyline). These were two areas identified as posing a risk to riders, so that is great news.

At the Ministers Meeting on the 30th January the main topic of discussion was Turn 3. Peter Doyle from MA provided

WASCC appointed engineer Steve Brake a draft copy of MA’s updated guidelines. These are not yet locked away as they are currently under engineering review. For the Esses (turn 1 exit to turn 4 entry) Steve Brake spoke of the chicane proposal by Chris Hall not being feasible. The speeds through that section are still considered high by Steve despite some chicanes in place. MA’s Peter Doyle suggested an option at turn 3 would be to move the wall back 40 metres and install an arrester bed. And, if you include an air fence he sees that being suitable for 10+ years. This poses a risk to the WASCC and will greatly impact on spectator viewing area for the Supercars. As well as what was actually under the manmade hill itself. DSR have requested that WASCC get a geotechnical engineer report done on the spectator mound and DSR will arrange a contact for WASCC to use for this task.

I put it to the meeting that the MCRCWA as a promoter can put together administrative controls to address the Turn 3 speed issue for Rider Training only (RidedaysWA & Trakdayz) to return. This was agreed in principle by all and as a


viable option by MA & MWA. An action item from that is I have requested the desired speed data from Steve Brake to make our assessment. I will work with Trakdayz, MA & MWA to have this done ASAP. Obviously, any submission will need to be assessed and approved by MA & MWA prior to a permit being issued. Despite the possibility of Rider Training returning under administrative controls it goes without saying that the same cannot be done for racing.

Don’t let this dampen your spirits, it’s actually good news and some progression made. All parties have some action items from the meeting and Minister Murray is damn sure he is going to be on everyone’s case to deliver (he was quite animated about this).

I really do hope to see you all again racing this season. The Collie track does look pretty cool and it is completely different to Barbs, and I for one, see that as exciting. I can’t wait to be able to have a true State Championship across multiple venues.

Take care of each other and ride safe.


Signature president.jpg

Paul Castling

MCRCWA President.

February 2018