Motorcycle Racing Club of WA 
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Earlier this week MCRCWA was invited to attend a meeting with the WASCC & MWA.  For the last few weeks the two (WASCC / MWA) have been working collaboratively to identify a way to see racing activities return to Barbagallo. 

New MA Guidelines have been issued and WASCC have engaged engineers to ensure that the Turn 3 proposal conforms to both the new guidelines and the run-off requirements of the Hall Report.    That proposal is now being formalised and complete engineering calculations and checks being undertaken before being submitted to MA for review and application of an unrestricted track license.

 Details will be released once MA have confirmed acceptance of the proposal, however MCRCWA Exec is proposing to call a meeting for its members in late October to give a full update associated with the return of MCRCWA activities/events to Barbagallo Raceway.  WASCC & MWA representatives would be invited to attend and would answer any questions that are outside of the club’s area.


Tim Simmons


Motorcycle Racing Club of WA