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Dear Club Members

Final thoughts for 2018, and moving in to 2019...

What a night!  The end of year wind-up in November was an absolutely brilliant cap to what was a disjointed, and longish season for our Club and competitors.

It was great to return to limited racing at Collie after not holding a competitive event for over 18 months at Barbagallo.  A huge thank you to those that participated in the 4 round State Championship this year, and again recognition and heartfelt thanks to all the volunteers that travelled down to Collie for the events.  It wasn't ideal, however was great to be back and seeing you all again. 

Secondly, I want to publicly recognize the efforts of our Past President Paul Castling.  He stepped up to the position while the club was still on the back foot associated with the fantastic (but financially hard) Kings of Wanneroo events, and with a dedicated team around him got the club back to a great position, before the closure of Barbagallo Raceway to bikes occurred.  His work and enthusiasm across this time has been endless, and I hope that the additional time and reduction in stress now that he no longer has the role see's Paul and Sarah finally being able to plan and implement their next step in life.

2019 Membership Fee's

Membership Fee's for 2019 have been set with a look towards what 2019 brings, as well as what the current overheads for the MCRCWA are.  Over the last 18 months the MCRCWA Exec has critically reviewed our ongoing operating costs, and have reduced these significantly by moving towards a leaner, less cost intensive operation.  

Because of this the Member fee's for 2019 will be:

New Full Financial Member - Competition  - $100

Existing Full Financial member – Competition  (2017 or 2018 MCRCWA member) - $90

Junior Member (14 to 16yrs) - $50

Associate Member (Tuning, Coaching, Crew Official, Social Supporter) - $25

Given that the exclusivity agreement between the WASCC and Track Action is in effect, any events occurring at Barbagallo Raceway (except for Competition events) will require participants to be a member of the MCRC.   This will include any Ridedays / Practice / Tuning events.  Event costings are still to be finalised.

2019 Events / Dates

Dates for 2019 will be released before Christmas.  The club has dates for both Barbagallo Raceway and Collie Motorplex.

2018 AGM.

Due to the MCRCWA Financial year finishing on the 30th November, and trying to get the accounts audited ready for the AGM, the plan is to have the AGM in late January / Early Feb of 2019.  At the same time, the new constitution and By-laws will be presented for acceptance.  The intent is to have the Constitution / By-laws completed in the next 2-3 weeks, and distributed to all members at least 2 weeks prior to the AGM.  

REMEMBER, given that current membership expires on the 31st December, you will need to renew your membership early in the new year to ensure that you receive notification etc. This can be done on line at or you can download a manual form from the website.

Apart from the ongoing updates in regards to the progress of the Collie long track / Barbagallo licensing etc, I hope that everyone has a fantastic Christmas, and very happy New Year, in preparation for what is looking to be a very exciting 2019 Race season.

Tim Simmons