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Level 3 - Ride DayRidedays WA

The ultimate experience for returning and experienced 'track' riders to enjoy the race track with as much or as
little coaching as they want. To enjoy the ride without speed camera's in a safe environment.

RidedaysWA Rideday Level 3 can offer as much or a little coaching and advice that you require. If you prefer to just enjoy this rideday
unassisted, we just ask that you abide by the safety rules and ride safely and attend the safety briefings as required throughout the day.

It is at this level that accomplished riders who wish to start their road racing career with a solid foundation, have the choice to take their riding to the next level and move on to Road Racing. 

Gaining your first racing licence is an exciting and enjoyable experience that's sure to get your pulse racing!!

Here is a brief outline of what is covered in each session;

1. Track orientation and Track Smart refresher basics
2. Advanced race lines.
3. Body position
4. Trail Braking
5. Race Starts

You can be tested by our qualified coaches for your Race Licence.

The course trains for a very high rider skill level and our qualified coaches have passed on the necessary information and skills for you to be tested for a Road Race Licence.
The process of gaining your race licence is easy.  The coaches have been with you every step of the way and are focused on you reaching your goal.

You are required to pass both the written and practical assessments. Dont worry, it is an uncomplicated and easy process and you have learnt everything you need to know along the way.

Ridedays WA has tried hard to design the course so there is minimal preparation required:

Your bike needs to be in good condition. 

Riding Gear required: Gloves must be gauntlet style motorcycle gloves
Boots – Motorcycle boots, calf high
Helmet – Full face with approved standards label affixed
Clothing –Full leathers or 2 piece leathers that zip together

Back protectors are recommended

Don’t let that put you off. We can hire them to you (pending sizing & availability) at a cost of $100* Prior booking is required. *$50 refunded if leathers returned undamaged.

BIKE: Supply your own and must be in good condition.  Although not necessary, it is best to trailer your bike to the track. This gives you the opportunity to prepare your bike before you arrive and if you do have any problems during the day, you will have a way of getting yourself and bike back home.

CHECK BEFORE YOU LEAVE HOME: Oil levels, coolant levels, tyre pressure, lube and adjust your chain (not too tight!).

  • Check the pedals and handbrakes.  You want to make sure they’re firm and not soft or spongy.
  • Visually inspect both the front and rear brakes looking for wear on your brake pads and make sure there is at least 3mm of pad left
  • Suspension: Smooth movement; proper adjustment; no leaks.
  • Chain or belt: Tension; lube, look for wear.
  • Levels: Brake fluid, oil, final drive, transmission, coolant, fuel.
  • Leaks: Check all systems for leaks.
  • Condition: Check colour of brake fluid & coolant.
  • Fuel: Top up your fuel tank close to the circuit (Wanneroo town site /Joondalup/Collie Townsite) and if you can, bring some spare fuel. Fuel is not available for sale at the circuit.
    Expect to use a full tank on the day.
  • Levers: Pivot bolt and nut; action and position correct; pivots lubed.
  • Cables: Ends and shafts lubed; no fraying or kinks; no binding when handlebar turned; proper adjustment.
  • Hoses: Check for damage or leaks, proper routing.
  • Throttle: Snaps closed freely when released; no excess play.
  • Tyres: Pressure correct (cold), tread condition. No cuts, bulges, splits or punctures of foreign objects and are not worn past the wear markers
  • Wheels: Spokes tight and intact; rims true; no free play when flexed; bearing seals intact; spin freely.

Additionally,on the day

  • Remove or tape over all headlights, tail lights, indicators, number plates & Speedometer.
  • Remove or wire up centre stands and use side stand only.
  • Remove tape over or turn in rear view mirrors.
  • Tape or wire passenger pegs in closed position.
  • Remove luggage racks, gear sacks etc.

Tape & some tools provided by us.

YOUR BIKE WILL be safety checked at the circuit and instructors will advise you on any further preparation required.


Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with all your booking details and our qualified coaches will assess you. There is no additional cost for this.

Full Day courses - Sign on commences 7.30am to 8.45am. Rider Briefings to follow
On track from 9.00am to 4.00pm approx. 
Each rider participates in approx. 7 x 15 minute sessions on the track followed by Q & A time.
Canteen available for snacks/lunch and refreshments all day.
We recommend you bring a water bottle for the day.
Pit crew and supporters are welcome to spectate

As Barbagallo Raceway is “Currently closed to motorcycles - refer to” Latest News

 We use two exciting tracks:

  • Barbagallo Raceway (Unavailable for 2017)
    Located end of Wattle Ave, off Old Yanchep Rd, off Joondalup Drive (north on the Mitchell freeway) 
  • Collie Motorplex
    Powerhouse Road, just outside the beautiful township of Collie. On-site camping is available


What we offer is a team of friendly, experienced & qualified coaches and officials who will take a hands-on interest in you and your desired outcome for the day.

Governing body of motorcycle sport in Australia
For all issues on elligibility, rules, bike specifications etc